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3AM Techno Gathering
3AM Techno Gathering
Immerse yourself in the music like never before! Experience our center DJ booth with quadraphonic sound and a unified dancefloor
11 may 2024, 8:00 p. m. GMT-6 – 12 may 2024, 5:00 a. m. GMT-6
Via Lindora, San José, Pozos, Costa Rica
Lilly Palmer 1 BW.jpg

Music is freedom..

... freedom to express, process and transform your emotions while creating a bond with the audience. For Lilly there's no better way to initiate this bond, than with sending her audience on a musical journey with her DJ sets and own productions.

It's as simple as that, electronic music just has been her passion ever since."

Born and raised in Germany, Lilly's real musical journey started in Zurich, where she spent a lot of time with the great and thriving underground scene. Her dedication to music grew stronger and stronger, eventually leading to the decision to fully immerse herself in the world of the underground in 2015! Now happily living on the coast of the Netherlands with her husband, Egbert, Lilly's sound and style have evolved to new dimensions. Her versatility and savvy definitely brought her sound to higher spheres and Peaktime Techno has become her signature sound.

Through her productions, she adds her personal touch to each set and often, as with her Mainstage set at Tomorrowland 2023, the majority of the tracks she performed were her own.

With authenticity and focus being two of her most prized attributes, needless to say she spends almost every free minute working full steam ahead in the studio to create and develop her own sound.


The only time out from the crazy world of music is when she finds time with her horse in the dunes on the Dutch coast. People who know her closely state that she is definitely the "hardest working woman" in show bizz".


Lilly is living her dream and enjoying the freedom she's gained through her music and she's just getting warm! It wouldn't be a real journey with Lilly if she didn't present her emotions with her own music and win the hearts of ravers worldwide with her performance.

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